GreenHorizon excellence scholarships


Green Horizon - The Israeli Foundation for advancing Environmental Education and Research



Understanding the significance of helping outstanding promising young students to receive a world-class education  acquiring the skills that will prepare them for future leadership in Israel's promising future Clean-tech industry.

Realizing Israel's Clean
-tech industry's potential place, given more readily available adequate educational and scientific funding.

Knowing that by attracting talented students to conduct sustainable research the evolution of breakthrough technologies is feasible.

Anticipating Israel's position as a future cutting edge sustainable technologies development market, has led to the initiation of the
Green Horizon excellence scholarship program.

Green Horizon excellence scholarship is Israel's first dedicated Clean-tech scholarship award initiative

A registered charitable foundation with a specific mandate to increase the number of future scientists and entrepreneurs in Israel  laying a better and stronger foundation for Israel Clean-tech industry.

Green Horizon excellence scholarship program you also support students from regions of strategic priority, Negev and the Galilee, newly immigrant students and students from disadvantaged population.

Green Horizon working today, to achieve a better tomorrow, for future generations.

Your contribution is tax-deductible as a gift to a not-for-profit organization (Registered Number 580541936)