Scientific Team

       Dr. Gert Jan Monteny
Dr. Monteny runs a private consultancy business providing services to both European clients and international organizations FAO and World Bank Dr. Monteny was leader of Research Program (Gaseous Emissions) and account Manager for the Ministry of Agriculture (field: gaseous emissions/ environment) from Agrotechnology and Food Innovations Institute. Prior to that Dr. Monteny was head of Department of Manure and Emissions at the Institute of Agriculture Engineering in Wageningen. Dr. Monteny is a member of the Dutch Association of Agricultural Engineers, European Association of Agricultural Engineers and Section II of the CIGR (Commission Internationale du Genie Rurale). 

     Dr. Steve Daren
Dr. Daren manages a private scientific and consulting company providing services to leading Israeli companies. Prior to that Project leader in Materials Research Dept. Weizmann Institute of Science. Dr. Daren Basic Research Experience among others is in Thermal and ultraviolet stability of polymers and additives, Synthesis and characterization of specialty monomers and polymerization kinetics. Dr. Daren is registered as an inventor and co-inventor to several patents.