DST is an Israeli technology start-up company dedicated to the development and commercialization of drying sludge technology.

DST's scientific team has developed a revolutionary sludge drying approach contributing initially to the improvement of operational tasks of municipal sludge. Consequently , the technology improves sewage sludge quality,both as an agricultural fertilizer and as energy feed stock material.

DST is the first dedicated patentable method for drying sludge in a rotating closed loop reactor via a continuous process, while using mainly lumps of sludge floating in the air for maximizing the vapour transfer rate between the hot/dry air and the sludge.

DST's sewage conversion technology reduces water by up to 75% and presents a most viable opportunity to utilize sewage sludge as a valuable energy feed stock and a potential source for future alternative energy generation.

The final DST system will be designed to be flexible and adaptable so that it can be applied to existing WWT infrastructure cost effectively, thus evolving as the “Most Sustainable and Economically viable system for sewage sludge utilization with highest economic, social and environmental impacts"

Please contact  (www.dryingsludge.com)