GreenTech Transfer

You may be disapointed if you fail,
but you are doomed if you don't try

Beverly Sills

The era of the knowledge-based economy recognizes that the key condition underlying wealth creation is innovation: the generation, exploitation and diffusion of knowledge. In this framework, the protection of innovation through intellectual property is gaining in importance.

Through our international network, we optimize sustainable technology transfer for the cleantech industry, Universities, public and private Research Centers and private innovators.

Utilizing long years of experience in the Clean-tech industry and powerful connections with patent attorneys and lawyers, Novagon meets the high expectations for working out the best business solutions in this field.

Through its innovative product offerings, Novagon enables IP owners both large and small to unlock the value of their assets and improve their financial benefits.

Novagon allows owners of sustainable technology IP to more efficiently capitalize on their assets, offering business services to parties interested in:
  • Licensing technology
  • Technology Joint venture
  • Out-Sell IP rights
Novagon is a place to actively promote your sustainable ideas.